Meet The Artist

Good evening beauties!  I have been thinking long and hard about what to post this week, and no matter what topic I tried to approach, I kept thinking "They know nothing, I mean NOTHING, about me!"  So, in a few paragraphs I am going to try and give you a sneak peek into the wonderful world of the Makeup Artist who is, Jael Barrios!  

Now bare with me please as I bore you with the "where are you from spiel!  I grew up in a very tiny mining town in Northern British Columbia Canada.  This town was so small you could walk the length of it in less than an hour, and the people I met in kindergarten, where the same people I disliked in high school!  I had very little options growing up in such a secluded town and with very little to do it was hard to aspire to do anything extravagant, so I dreamed of what all little girls do, being a Police Officer! (We all know how that worked out!)

So I job hopped trying to find where I would fit in, and I tell you no lie when I confess I worked for a Pizza joint, KFC, Walmart, Au Pair (in Germany, where I caught the travel bug), Nanny, Commercial Installer for duct work, Security Guard, Bouncer (at a country bar), Heavy Equipment Operator (front end loaders, excavators, etc.), Ranch Hand, Traffic Flag Person, Pilot Truck Driver, Accounts Receivables Officer, Office Manager, Polo Groom, Race Horse Groom, Chiropractor Assistant, and finally Medical Receptionist (which I continue to work 1 day a week at) . I am sure I have forgotten one or two of the jobs I have done, but as you can see I searched through everything before I found my passion. a Professional MAKEUP ARTIST.

Becoming a makeup artist was not something I ever thought I could do.  I have never had a creative bone in my body (or so I thought) and I really didn't like working with women when I had done in the past.  I had just moved to Australia and a friend asked me to come along one night to a one night makeup class, and I fell in love.  I loved the transformation, the community, the love, the feeling I got when my model looked at herself after I was done and was in awe, and I especially loved creating! Creating a living, breathing masterpiece from every beautiful canvas I had the pleasure of working on!  I love makeup and beauty and brushes (oh do I love brushes!) and the freedom! 

Although I said I didn't like working with women, I have to take it back as I am convinced and know that all women are just shy, embarrassed little girls who are NOT sure of themselves in any way (exactly like myself), and I adjusted my thinking to instead love and embrace the unique beauty of all women of every shape and size! I am a firm believer all women possess the beauty they all are sure they lack (heck I even struggle to see my beauty), but as a makeup artist, when your client walks away from your chair feeling like she could take on the world, exuding the confidence of 1000 warriors off to conquer, it is then that I know my calling was always this: To encourage and help instill confidence into all women (and men) from every corner of the earth! Never doubt the power you possess, you could move mountains without ever knowing it!