Understanding Insta Makeup

Beauty Attracts the Eye, but Personality Captures the HEART <3

Creating flawless faces that look epic in real life is not as easy as it looks, as much as some people may have you believe. Creating flawless faces that look amazing on camera can be a completely different ball game though, especially when you have Photoshop, Airbrush and other photo enhancing programs! 

Looking at your favourite YouTube or Instagram Star you may ask yourself "How hard can it be to create that look?" BUT....YouTube and Instagram stars would have you believe that the way they put on makeup is ALWAYS perfect. They always look flawless, not a bump or blemish to be seen, like their makeup is the magic key to unlocking perfect skin and a flawless makeup look!  But you then go out and purchase the exact same makeup, and you can NEVER get it to look as amazing as theirs does.  Almost like you got the dud bunch! I would just like to burst that bubble now! You didn't! You just got a dose of REALITY! (But cudos to you if your makeup does happen to look as flawless as theirs!  You might just want to look into taking a professional course and pursuing a career in Makeup Artistry!)


In reality though, not only do they have filters on their cameras, they also edit the crap out of their photos/videos, plus if that isn't enough, the angles they take the photo from and the lighting they use also play a HUGE role on the way their makeup looks! Taking a photo with just natural lighting can make your makeup look completely different than what your bathroom lights make it look, but if you throw in 2 or 3 massive umbrella lights, or a ring light with some extra side lights to highlight everything, your highlighter will POP like nobodies business! 

Now if only we could walk around with those huge lights all day so our makeup looks flawless! 

Don't get me wrong either, I am not saying I don't watch tutorials, or have my favourite InstaSTARS that I follow, HECK they have some awesome tips and tricks sometimes and the ideas I get from them for certain looks are awesome!  I am saying though, take what you see with a grain of salt!  You may not have the face shape, or eye shape or nose that they have, so your makeup will probably NOT turn out anything like theirs, and you most definitely will not look as flawless, but you may just perfect that look you are going for!  Good luck my beauties on finding your perfect lighting and perfect angle!